Crafted ERP in the making: Meeting our Resident Brewer Ethan


Life has these defining moments that mold our very essences- and for Crafted, one of these moments happened in a walk-in cooler. Ethan Osborne, who was head brewer of the largest craft brewery in Denver at the time, bumped into our co-founder Jeremy King at an anniversary party (we wonder how many beers had been consumed to meet in a cooler??). A friendship developed and not long after, Ethan left his job as head brewer to pursue the software world for craft beverages.

Ethan’s passion for the craft beer industry has been long-standing: “I’ve worked in the brewing industry for the better part of the past decade. I first got into beer as a summer job and fell in love with the industry while working at a family member’s brewery. After working the summer gig, I moved to Colorado to work at a brewery in the mountains and eventually Denver.” What initially called to him was the beer, what kept him was the people.

Fast forward to when Crafted ERP was conceptualized. Our goal was to create a software that was easier to use than any other platform and to consolidate all software solutions into one. In order to know those pain points intimately, we needed the expertise of a head brewer.  Enter Ethan. When asked what his biggest pain points were as a brewer:

“Scheduling and inventory were always a struggle. Dealing with multiple off-site locations caused an enormous amount of duplicative work counting and recounting the same materials. Creating a schedule from a sales forecast forced me to drink a lot of beer.”

At Crafted, we love drinking beer as much as the next person, but wanted to help Ethan and his comrades leisurely enjoy the fruits of their labor as opposed to being forced into throwing one back. These pain points became the basis of the software that Ethan now implements.  

With his software experience and background as a head brewer, Ethan joined Crafted’s team full time as a Consultant/Resident Brewer. His love for the industry stems from the people who work in it, and now he gets to talk to breweries from all around the world. He chose to leave brewing full time.

“Crafted eradicated 95% of my headaches that came from being a head brewer. I want to help those who experience the same obstacles that I had in the brewery industry. Crafted was able to greatly reduce the amount of time spent translating a sales forecast into a production schedule. From factoring liquid production losses to identifying lead times for raw materials, Crafted makes life as a brewer much less complicated. I want to help make my former colleagues’ lives easier.”

Ethan now helps breweries across the world better understand their business processes within a software platform. He supports breweries in their delivery, helps with professional services, trains them in using the platform, and does the actual implementation of the software.

Occasionally guest brewing at his old stomping grounds for the fun of it, Ethan continues to bring in fresh ideas and mold Crafted’s essence.