Brewery Edition

Unlike most solutions on the market that began as a custom build for one specific brewery and later retrofitted for a broader audience, Crafted ERP’s Brewery Edition was built from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of craft breweries both large and small.

What is Crafted ERP?

Designed with the assistance of seasoned industry veterans, and built upon Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP is an all-in-one brewery management software system that streamlines and automates many of the complex tasks and processes required to run a craft brewery.  Creating a new industry solution from scratch allowed our team to focus not only on the deep functionality required of modern software, but also on the overall usability to promote user adoption. Finally, we built in industry leading practices that institutionalize doing things the right way.

Crafted ERP is the only system your brewery business needs to fuel long-term growth.


The Brewery Edition includes all of the features of the Standard Edition, plus:


  • Distributor Management

  • Self-Distribution Management

  • Automated Keg/Pallet/Shipping Charges

  • Keg Returns


  • Recipe Management

  • Beer Production

  • Fermenter-Based Production Planning

  • Drag-and-Drop Tank Scheduler

  • Fermentation Management

  • Tank Readings

  • Real-Time Tank Views

  • Tank Transfers

  • Advanced Barrel Management

  • Barrel Labels

  • Advanced Keg Management

Quality Control

  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

  • Beer Sensory Program

  • Mobile Brew Logs

  • Mobile Cellar Logs

  • Mobile Packaging Logs


  • Alternating Proprietorship Accounting & Reporting

  • Brewer’s Report of Operations

  • Excise Tax Reports

  • License Management

  • Label Registration Management


  • Advanced Analytics

  • Brewery Specific KPIs, Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards

  • Role-Based Dashboards

  • Ability to Modify Dashboards

  • Drag-and-Drop Report Builder

  • Drill Down from Reports & Dashboards


  • Easy to Use

  • Ability to Edit Transactions

  • Configurable & Customizable

  • iOS & Android Apps

One System for All

Whether its Production Management, Accounting or Sales, Crafted caters to the many needs of your business. Leveraging the #1 cloud-based platform in the world, Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP brings all job functions together in one system while delivering a single version of the truth.

(Click on the job functions below to learn more about the capabilities of Crafted ERP)

Crafted ERP Business Management Wheel ExecutiveAccountingSalesMarketingCompliancelabPackagingProductionWarehousePurchasing


We are confident that Crafted ERP sets the standard for all brewery management software packages available on the market today, and we are continuously investing and working with our customers to make it even better.  If you have ideas on how to make our solution even better, we want to hear from you!