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Distillery Edition

The Distillery Edition automates and streamlines all processes of a modern distillery while our cloud-based technology allows users to enter data from any device in real-time.


Designed with the assistance of seasoned industry veterans, and built upon Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP combines the most advanced cloud-based ERP platform with deep industry functionality and leading practices. Crafted ERP is the only system your distillery business needs to achieve its long-term goals.


The Distillery Edition includes all of the features of the Standard Edition, plus:

  • Automated Deposit and Shipping Charges

  • Fermentation Management

  • Real-Time Tank Views

  • Tank Readings

  • Tank Transfers

  • Cook Logs

  • Cellar Logs

  • Distillation Logs

  • By-Product Capture

  • Blending

  • Packaging Logs

  • Lab Tests

  • Sensory Program

  • Barrel Fill

  • Barrel Tags

  • Barrel Harvest

  • Monthly Report of Production

  • Monthly Report of Storage

  • Monthly Report of Processing

  • Excise Tax Reports

  • License Management

  • Label Registration Management

  • Distillery Specific KPIs, Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards


Whether its Production Management, Accounting or Sales, Crafted caters to the many needs of your business. Leveraging the #1 cloud-based platform in the world, Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP brings all job functions together in one system while delivering a single version of the truth.

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