In a recent study by SL Associates, businesses reported stunning improvements in key performance metrics after switching to NetSuite’s cloud-based software solution.

Business Visibility Actionable Insight Increased 50%-80%
Business Agility Improved
Inventory Planning Improved
Financial Management Collection Time Improved 30%-50%
Revenue Performance Increased 2%-10%
Gross Margins Improved 1%-5%
Time to Close Books Reduced 30%-55%
Days Sales Outstanding Reduced 5%-20%
Accounting Staff Productivity Increased 30%-50%
Inventory Management Inventory Needs Reduced 20%-30%
Inventory Carrying Costs Decreased 20%-40%
Fulfillment Rates Improved 75%-85%
Supply Chain Performance Improved
Scalability Increased
Planning Cycle Times Reduced 20%-30%
Customer Management Back Orders Reduced 60%-80%
Customer Satisfaction Improved
Sales Pipeline Improved
Delivery Efficiency Improved 75%-90%
Shipment Accuracy Improved 75%-90%
Billing Efficiency Improved
IT Management IT Costs Reduced 50%-75%
Server Costs Eliminated 100%
Disaster Recovery Costs Reduced 50%-75%