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Winery Edition

Crafted ERP’s Winery Edition was built from the ground up to meet the requirements of wineries both large and small.  From planning, to harvest, to production to packaging and everything in between, the Winery Edition automates and streamlines and automates all processes of a modern winery.


Designed with the assistance of seasoned industry veterans, and built upon Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP combines the most advanced cloud-based ERP platform with deep industry functionality and leading practices. Crafted ERP is the only system your winery business needs to achieve its long-term goals.


The Winery Edition includes all of the features of the Standard Edition, plus:

  • Block Management

  • Crop Yield Estimation

  • Crop Samples

  • Fruit Harvest and Procurement

  • Harvest Bin Management

  • Automated Fruit Receipt

  • Juice Panels

  • Fermentation Management

  • Real-Time Tank Views

  • Tank Readings

  • Tank Transfers

  • Crush Logs

  • Cellar Logs

  • By-Product Capture

  • Blending

  • Packaging Logs

  • Lab Tests

  • Sensory Program

  • Barrel Fill

  • Barrel Tags

  • Barrel Harvest

  • Report of Wine Premises Operations

  • Excise Tax Reports

  • License Management

  • Label Registration Management

  • Winery Specific KPIs, Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards


Whether its Production Management, Accounting or Sales, Crafted caters to the many needs of your business. Leveraging the #1 cloud-based ERP platform in the world, Oracle+NetSuite, Crafted ERP brings all job functions together in one system while delivering a single version of the truth.

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